Golf Academy Newsletter – Fall 2014

Once again we have been very fortunate with the weather especially considering the late start to the year.  I am always packing up my laptop and projector thinking an indoor lesson may be required, but each day the weather seems to clear and the students are excited to take advantage and practice their short game and on course skills.  As well our Academy Clothing arrived just in time for the students to look great for picture day.

This year the emphasis has been on the fundamentals.  We have been working very hard as a group to get back to basics and really solidify a good foundation for each skill required for golf.  To do this, students are learning to set aside a portion of time at the start of each session for block practice.  Here they take the instruction as directed by Chris Lutes and implement swing changes and checks to thoughtfully improve their swing.  Random practice follows where we hit to different targets and see if we can swing freely with the subtle swing changes.  And lastly we test or play games against each other to mimic tournament pressure.  To start I have written some sample practices for students to use, but it is expected that students will eventually adjust and modify these plans depending on their individual needs.

We have just started our Golf Fitness for the year.  Although the students recognize the importance of a good quality warm-up, they are now getting sport specific training with Lindsay Manion.  Students are currently being assessed for mobility and strength and then are given exercises to help develop better bodies that will give them a greater potential for consistency and clubhead speed.

I have re-designed our former assessment rubric to a cumulative learning map (  Chris Lutes and I will be using this to help give students better feedback as to how they are progressing with their golf game.  I am excited to see greater gains in skill development this year with the students having a clear picture of where and how they can improve.

Students are already noticing improvements to their game and we are looking forward to the year ahead.

Bryce Hamade
Golf Academy Teacher Coordinator


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