Bryce Hamade265__BHamade
Teacher Coodinator

Before coming to Seaquam Bryce had a varied sports background. He played rep hockey during his youth as well as making the BC Best Ever under 16 team in 2000. He is also an avid outdoorsman with more than 10 years of Rock Climbing (bouldering, sport and traditional) experience as well as instructing and belaying at an Indoor climbing gym. Bryce was also a white water rafting guide on the Squamish, Elaho and Cheakamus rivers where he earned certification for Swift Water Rescue, First Aid and his BCROA guides licence. While volunteering and then working as the Junior Youth Interim Pastor at Granville Chapel, Bryce found that sport and games offered a wonderful means to connect with students which then helped him to build good relationships and be a more effective teacher.

Bryce Hamade is currently an Engineering and Robotics teacher at Seaquam Secondary School and has been teaching for ten years. In his second year of teaching he began helping Bill Richards to supervise golf matches at both the Junior and Senior Level. Bryce began studying the game of golf and over the next few years he managed to lower his scoring index to a single handicap. Bryce is confident that time on the course and at the range with good instruction and knowledge of the fundamentals will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for students who share a love for golf.

Delta Golf Academy DIVIDER

sakizuki_lgShingo Akizuki
PGA of Canada Coach

With many years of experience in the golf industry and professional competition, Shingo possesses the necessary knowledge and experience to enhance the game of every golfer, from beginner to seasoned professional. By focusing on swing fundamentals and specializing in the short game, Shingo enjoys working together with his students to determine the most effective ways to meet and exceed a player’s goals.

Shingo Akizuki joined the Mayfair Lakes team in 2003 and became a member of the PGA of Canada later that same year. In 2007, he played a full season on the Canadian Tour, where he had the opportunity to play against and observe the practice routines of some of the world’s best golfers.


Delta Golf Academy DIVIDER

Lindsay Manion
Golf Fitness Coach – Mayfair Golf Course

Delta Golf Academy DIVIDER


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