The Golf Academy takes students of all abilities and will work with them to learn and improve the skills necessary to lower their scoring potential and enjoy competitive golf.   During that time students will learn and practice golf for two blocks during the school day in quarter four for full course credits!  Please note that the golf program only has space for 15 students each.

SEAQUAM & MAYFAIR LAKES – Gr. 8  – 12  All Genders

The Delta School District is  pleased to announce that The Seaquam at Mayfair Lakes Golf Academy will return for the 2021/2022 school year.

Coached by PGA of Canada Coaches Keri Moffat and Shingo Akizuki.  This academy meets the needs of golfers from beginner to elite.  The academy includes a 12 month junior membership at Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club and driving range balls everyday they are able to practice.  Elite players may be eligible to participate in three tournaments as part of the Academy Team which will include one-on-one coaching preparation. This program is overseen by Teacher Coordinator Bryce Hamade. (2 block program every other afternoon).

Golf Academy Goals

The golf academy is designed to provide students greater choices in meeting their learning goals and graduation requirements while offering the opportunity to develop and refine their golf related skills. The academy will offer student athletes a high performance golf program that gives them the opportunity to develop their potential and total game including: technique, golf course management, competition, physical fitness, and mental conditioning.

Students in the golf academy will:

  • Receive high quality golf instruction by certified CPGA teaching professionals
  • Continue to develop their potential and total game skills
  • Learn the rules and etiquette of golf
  • Receive high quality, golf specific, physical and mental training by certified trainers
  • Continue to develop their personal golf and fitness levels
  • Learn about sports nutrition and mental preparation for competition
  • Network with golf professionals to achieve university scholarships

Academy Locations

Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club (Seaquam Secondary)
5460 Number 7 Rd
Richmond, BC – V6V 1R7
Phone: (604) 276-0585

Facts about the Program

  • This academy is open to all genders in Grades 8 – 12
  • The Seaquam Golf Academy schedule will take place in Quarter 4
  • Students receive credit for PE at the appropriate grade and Superfit 10 -12
  • Students earn 8 credits per year toward graduation (Grade 10 -12)
  • Golf – Students will have a membership at Mayfair Lakes 
  • Students are supplied with a Golf shirt and jacket
  • Students must supply their own golf clubs and shoes
  •   Transportation is the responsibility of the student and student’s family/guardians.  


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02. Visual_LearningMap



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