Delta Golf Academy Topper V2

Distance wedges – WedgeMatrix_V2

In our discussion on controlling distances we looked at Dave Pelz and his system for setting up 12 or 16 different reliable yardages for your wedges.  Please download the “Wedge Matrix” to your phone and access through google sheets.  This will allow you to save and edit your own wedge matrix.

Tournament Routine – Sample Tourn. Routine

Shaun Lundy discussed what proper tournament preparation might look like for both new and experienced golfers.  Students are asked to hone in on their own version of a tournament day routine.  Please download the attached “Sample Tournament Routine,” and edit and modify it to suit your personal style and needs.


A brainstorm prior to starting will help with students input – for example going through things they learned all year, goals they reached, challenges they met and how they overcame them (or not and why?), parts the academy they enjoyed, things they did not enjoy and why…..etc. Of course you can tailor the brainstorm ideas, but the survey should not be done in 2 mins – it should take 10 – 15 mins to get thoughtful responses.

  • Golf DMEC Survey

Golf Seaquam Survey